Two Carolake Dogs, Fancy and Nina, in profile
Carolake Fancy That SGWC, WGC (Fancy) and Stanroph Endelwood Natasha JW, SGWC, ShCM (Nina)

Genevieve and Lorelei
Genevieve Rose Lomas and Lorelei Quinn Thomas
My two beautiful grand-daughters

Penney is pleased to announce that she has been passed by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates. She will be judging Golden Retriever bitches at National Gundog Association championship show in August 2022.


Three Counties Championship Show
12th June 2022
Judge: Mrs K Williams
Paris: 2nd Undergraduate Bitch
3rd Graduate Bitch

Southern Counties Championship Show
2nd June 2022
Judge: Mr JA Barney
Paris: 2nd Graduate Bitch
This placing qualifies Paris for Crufts 2023

South of England Gundog Club Open Show
22nd May 2022
Judge: Tracey E Best (Ellyest)
Paris: 2nd Graduate

Poole Canine Club
15th May 2022
Judge: Mrs Christine Prowse
Paris: 3rd Graduate

Yeovil Canine Society
14th May 2022
Judge: Mrs Jane Scuffle (Jamoon)
Paris: 1st Graduate Bitch

South Western Gundog Club
16th April 2022
Judge: Stacey Bowden-Stacey (Panodia)
Paris: 1st Special Yearling – 1st Novice
Mimi: 1st Open Bitch

South Western Golden Retriever Club
16th April 2022
Judge: Mr Scott Williamson (Sandti)
Paris: 2nd Special Yearling Bitch – 1st Novice Bitch
Mimi: 2nd Open Bitch


Southern Golden Retriever Club Open Show
17th October 2021
Judge: Mr T Gorrin (Donsudale)
Mimi: 1st Open Bitch
Connie: 1st Limit Bitch
Paris: 1st Junior Bitch
1st Yearling Bitch
Best Bitch – Best Opposite Sex In Show

Northern Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
26th September 2021
Judge: Mrs L Anderson (Linchael)
Mimi: 1st Mid Limit Bitch

Southern Golden Retriever Society Championship Show
11th September 2021
Judge: Mrs L Strudwick (Burpham)
Paris: 5th Junior Bitch
3rd Yearling Bitch
(this placing qualifies Paris for Crufts 2022)
Mimi: 4th Mid Limit Bitch

United Retriever Club Championship Show
4th August 2021
Judge: Mrs N Hughes (Amsbury)
Mimi: 3rd Mid Limit Bitch

National Gundog Association Championship Show
1st August 2021
Judge: Ms J Merrick (Stormerick)
Mimi: 3rd Mid Limit Bitch
Connie: 3rd Post Graduate Bitch
(this placing qualifies Connie for Crufts 2022)

Bath Championship Show
31st July 2021
Judge: Mrs Audrey Richardson (Darrochonna)
Mimi: 4th Mid Limit Bitch
Connie: 4th Post Graduate Bitch


Southern Golden Retriever Society Championship Show
1st March 2020
Judge: Mrs H Male (Malenbrook)
Connie: 2nd Post Graduate Bitch
This placing qualifies Connie for Crufts 2021
Mimi: Res Minor Limit Bitch

Mid Western Gundog Society
29th February 2020
Judge: Martyn J Rees (Tynedale)
Mimi: VHC Open Bitch
AV Retriever
Judge: Mrs S Goodwin
Mimi: 1st Open

Kent County CA Open Show
23rd February 2020
Judge: Sue Tubb (Alsutu)
Mimi: 2nd Open

Guildford & DCS Open Show
16th February 2020
Judge: Angela Callow (Cassatess)
Mimi: 1st Open Bitch - BEST OF BREED

Maidenhead & DCS Open Show
15th February 2020
Judge: Deborah Creaney (Camestone)
Mimi: 1st Open - BEST OF BREED

Portsmouth & Southsea KA Open Show
9th February 2020
Judge: Mrs T Shepherd (Parlickview)

East Kent Canine Society Open Show
2nd February 2020
Judge: Angela Chandler (Chanangel)
Mimi: 2nd Open

Nuneaton & DCS Open Show
12th January 2020
Judge: Mrs J. Randall (Quelverquest)
Mimi: VHC Post Graduate

Taunton & DCA Open Show
5th January 2020
Judge: Mrs S Brewer (Stradcot)
Mimi: 1st Limit Bitch

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Open Show
1st January 2020
Judge: Anthony Trinder (Thornywait)
Mimi: 2nd Mid Limit

Highlights for 2019

January - slow start to the year - Mimi and Connie were both placed at Chichester show.

February - Mimi was Best of Breed at Maidenhead open show.

March - Mimi won Post Graduate at Southern Golden Retriever Club championship show. Devastatingly John had a heart attack in March which put quite a lot of stuff on hold while he recovered.

April - Connie and Mimi won both their classes at Windsor Gundog Society open show. Fun having them both in the challenge! Mimi also won Best of Breed at The Chertsey & DCS open show.

May - Mimi won her Post Graduate class at Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria. Sylvie was mated but after 10 days she was seriously ill with a pyometra - four days into her care she was spayed and came home minus her babies, her uterus and her coat. Once we knew she was okay we took the opportunity to have a short holiday and went to Norway for a week on Britannia - which gave us both time to recover and recuperate.

June - At Southern Counties championship show both Mimi and Connie were 3rd in their classes. At Three Counties championship show Mimi gained a 2nd in her class.

July - Mimi was 3rd in Mid Limit Bitch at Leeds championship show. This is the month of family visits, New Forest Show where John is chairman of the Flower Show, and vistors take precedence over dog showing.

August - Mimi was 2nd in her class at Paignton championship show.

September - Mimi missed the Isle of Wight Gundog Club show to go and meet her husband. Sadly, despite a good mating, she did not get pregnant, but she was withdrawn from showing until we were certain which way things were going.

October - Sylvie won open Bitch at Windsor Gundog Society Open Show.

November - once we established that Mimi was not having puppies she returned to the ring. She was placed 4th at Eastern Counties championship show and won Best of Breed at Horsham & DCS.

November - Mimi was 2nd in the Stakes class and 4th in her breed class at the Golden Retriever Club open show.

December - a quiet month with judges not really suitable for either Mimi or Sylvie - we instead got on with preparation for Christmas. Another year under our belts - some good, quite a lot bad, but we survived. Onward and upward!

Highlights for 2018

January - Off up to Peterborough for the first Championship Show of the year - Boston Dog Show - Mimi was 3rd in Yearling.

February - At Manchester Championship Show Mimi was 4th in Yearling. A new hip for me kept us at home for a couple of months after that.

March - Mimi was shown at Crufts by Kristy - huge class but no placing.

April - Back to running again (just) Mimi was awarded Reserve Best of Breed at Windsor Gundog Society Open Show and won her class at Northern Golden Retriever Club Championship Show. At West of England Ladies Kennel Society she gained a 2nd in Graduate bitch.

May - At the National Dog Show Mimi was 5th in her Graduate Bitch class and at Coventry & DKA Open Show she won her class and Reserve Best of Breed.

June - At Eastborne & DCS Open Show Mimi was again awarded Reserve Best of Breed after winning her Graduate class. Summer, shown by David Bowie, was 2nd in Post Graduate.

July - Highlight of the year was our trip to Guisachan - the home of the Golden Retriever - in the Highlands of Scotland. A week staying at Bona Lighthouse on the shores of Loch Ness Lesley Kelsey, with Connie, together with Mimi and me, was just magical. We joined in as much as we could of the events laid on for us - it was a wonderful week. At the show on the last day organised by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Connie was placed 5th in her class at her very first show and Mimi was 2nd in her Graduate bitch class. On the way home we stayed over at Stoneleigh for the Golden Retriever Club Championship Show where Connie was 7th in her Class and Mimi won her Graduate class.

August - At Paignton Championship show Mimi was 3rd in Graduate bitch and the next day she was 2nd in her class at National Gundog Association Championship Show. Mimi won her Graduate class at Bournemouth Championship Show and again at Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show. At the end of August Mimi won another Graduate class at Scottish Kennel Club Championship show - this final win meant she now moved up to Post Graduate.

September - On the 17th September Alice gave birth to her second litter - 5 boys and 5 girls - but sadly needed a ceasarian as she had inertia. She soon recovered and so loved her new babies. One was quickly spotted as being a "wet" puppy - similar to Connie. Despite this hiccup all the puppies thrived and were quickly spoken for. Carolake Utterly Butterly (Hope) stayed here with her mum, to grow on long enough to be able to be treated.

October - Back in coat Mimi returned to the ring and won her Post Graduate class at United Retriever Club Open Show.

November - At Horsham & DCS Open Show Mimi won her Post Graduate class and was awarded Best of Breed.

December - Hope went to The Queens Veterinary Hospital at Cambridge to have her kidneys and bladder scanned. The good news was she was only ectopic on one side, the bad news was the the urine was backing up into her kidney. Two weeks later she went back for her procedure. Again this was successful, but she did have quite an upset system and peed blood for about 10 days until everything settled down. At Midland Golden Retriever Club Championship Show Mimi won her Post Graduate class under Heather Morss. At the last Championship Show of the year, Ladies Kennel Association, Mimi again won her Post Graduate class.

Highlights for 2017

January - the year started very badly with the loss of dear little Tumble - epilepsy was not to blame - she had an inoperable brain tumour and was given sleep to save further suffering - she is sadly missed by us all.

February - Mimi continued in win consistently and was awarded Best Puppy in Show at Southampton & DCS Open show. A week later she won the final points for her Junior Warrant qualifying her for Crufts for life.

March - At Crufts under Mrs Susan Brown, Sylvie was awarded 3rd in her class. On the 30th March Alice had her first litter, sired by Rosinante Loverboy At Tannadice. Four of these lovely cheerful puppies went to homes where there was already a Carolake - the others were quickly snapped up. Alice was an excellent mum and enjoyed her babies.

April - busy times with puppies, not much time for showing. We also sadly said goodbye to Sara - after two and a half happy years with us she ended her stay, quietly on the back lawn. She was a very special girl and had slotted into the family as if she had been born here, it was sad to no longer hear her "dawn chorus"!

May - quick outing to Bath Championship Show where Mimi won the Junior Bitch class under Ray Strudwick.

June - At Southern Counties Championship Show Mimi and Sylvie were both awarded 2nd in the respective classes under Charmaine Ennis Van Maran. On the 29th June Mimi was awarded Reserve in her Junior Bitch Class under Janet Barrow at Windsor Championship Show. On the 30th June Summer gave birth to her litter of 7. These too were quickly spoken for meaning that people who were unlucky with Alice's litter now had a small thing to watch grow. We had a lovely summer playing with the puppies and getting to know their owners.

July - another busy month looking after puppies.

August - quick visit to Paignton Championship show where again Mimi was awarded a 2nd in her Junior class under Hilary Male. At Bournemouth Championship Show a week later Mimi won her Junior class under Mrs C McDonald-Woods.

September - The puppies all left for their new homes just in time for John and Penny to go off to the Canadian Rockie Mountains to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary. 10 days on a coach with fabulous scenery and then a weeks' cruise to Alaska. Super holiday.

October - Penny had been invited to judge Golden Retrievers at Windsor Gundog Society. Her Best of Breed, Thornywait San Valentino JW owned by Anthony Trinder was awarded Best In Show. At Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show Mimi was again awarded 2nd in her class under Liz Keene.

November - Mimi won her class and was Reserve Best of Breed at Crystal Palace CA under Karen Runcorn.

December - On 3rd December at Midland GRC Championship show, under Mr Per Iversen, Mimi was 4th in her Yearling class and Bliss was 2nd in the Working class. A bad fall at home put Penny out of the ring for the rest of the year. The year ended as badly as it started with the sudden and shocking loss of Bliss on the 30th December. Our hearts were broken.

Highlights for 2016

January - the year started well enough with Bliss being placed 3rd in Open Bitch at Manchester Championship Show

February - At the Golden Retriever Club of Wales Championship Show Bliss won the Special Open Bitch class (for dogs who hav proved they can work). Two weeks later she was 2nd in this class at Southern Golden Retriever Club Championship Show.

March - At CRUFTS Bliss was awarded 2nd in the Special Working Bitch class. The following day we had to say goodbye to Fancy which completely tarnished what should have been a happy time. The next day, 13th March Sylvie gave birth to 8 healthy puppies.

April - Bliss won Best Veteran in Breed at Windsor Gundog Open Show, and was 2nd in Open Bitch at WELKS Championship Show

May - most of May was spent rearing the puppies. Sadly one girl was leaking urine and so she was held back while we sought a solution. Called Connie she continued to thrive and we decided to do what we could to save her. Another girl puppy was also kept - Carolake Remember Me named in memory of my beautiful Fancy. Her pet name is Mimi.

June - Bliss was again 2nd in Open Bitch at Southern Counties Championship Show. Now aged 14 weeks Connie was taken by us up to the Veterinary Hospital in Cambridge where she was operated on by Laura Owen. The procedure was completely successful and Connie returned home later that day. Everything was done internally and there were no incisions or stitches. She soon was fit to move to her new home with Lesley and Stewart Kelsey.

July - At Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriever Club Open Show Demi was Best Veteran in Show, Summer was placed 2nd in Novice and Alice was 2nd in Undergraduate. Bliss won 3d in Veteran Bitch at East of England Championship Show. The Carolake Trophy was awarded for the first time at the Golden Retriever Club Championship Show. The winner was Linsey Dunbar with her beautiful Ch Linirgor Mimi JW.

August - At Paignton Championship Show Summer was awarded 2nd in Undergraduate Bitch. The next day at National Gundog Championship Show Bliss was again 2nd in Veteran Bitch

September - Was completed marred by the death of dear little Puzzle. Taken ill while we were on holiday we returned home only to have to admit defeat despite the vets best efforts to save her. We think her infection may have been caused by an adder bite and sadly there was no more that could be done for her without enormous suffering on her part and with little hope of any success. The kindest thing to let her go peacefully, but she is very sadly missed. Mimi made her entry into the ring and at her first show was Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 3. The following day she again won Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 4. On the last day of the month she won Minor Puppy and Puppy at Driffield Championship Show and Best Puppy in Breed. This win qualified her for Crufts 2017.

October - Mimi was 2nd in Minor Puppy and Puppy at Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Open Show, 1st in Minor Puppy and Puppy at Windsor Gundog Open Show and Best Puppy In Breed, 1st in Minor Puppy and 3rd in Puppy at South Wales Kennel Association Championship show, and 4th in Minor Puppy at Midland Counties Championship Show.

November - Mimi won her Puppy clas at Romsey & DCS Open Show, was Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 4. At Horsham & DCS Open Show Mimi again was 1st in Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed and she won the Gundog Puppy Group . At the end of the November Tumble had her first siezure which was a stark warning of what was to come.

December - Mimi won Puppy and Special Yearling at Exonian Canine Assocation Open Show and Gundog Puppy Group 2. At Ashbourne & DCS Open Show she was 2nd in Puppy and won Junior and Yearling. Tumble continued to have siezures and was put on to Epiphen which seemed to work and we had two weeks through Christmas and New Year when it seemed under control. How wrong were we. Her full story appears on my home page.

Highlights for 2015

January was still recovery time and so no shows were attended while we waited for Summer and Alice to make their debut.

February - At her first show Alice qualified for Crufts 2016! Placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch at The Golden Retriever Club of Wales championship show it was a promising start.

March - To equal her sister Summer was also placed 2nd at Southern Golden Retriever Society, again a qualifying place. Summer was Best Puppy in Breed at the Isle of Wight Gundog Club Show.

April - Only one show attended where Bliss won the Special Show Gundog Working Bitch class at Northern Golden Retriever Association.

May - Summer continued to gain some good placing at both Open and Championship shows - her major win was Best Puppy In Breed at Southern Counties Championship Show, Bliss was 2nd in Open Bitch

June - Bliss was Best Working in Show at Midland Golden Retriever Club Championship Show - you can see her on their website.

July - Bliss won the Open Bitch class at Windsor Championship Show. On the 26th July I judged my first breed club show courtesy of Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria. It was a lovely experience and again there are photos on their website.

August - Bliss was 2nd in Open Bitch at Paignton Championship Show and Sylvie, now back in coat, won her first Graduate class at Bournemouth Championship Show. She repeated that success at Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show and topped it off by winning her Graduate class again at The Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show AND being awarded her first Reserve Challenge Certificate - that was quite a day!

September - Bliss was 2nd in Open Bitch at Darlington Dog Show. Pushed up into Post Graduate Sylvie gained a credible 4th in that class at Driffield Championship Show.

October - Another quiet month but Sylvie won her class at Beckenham CA.

November - Sylvie was 2nd in her class behind the Best of Breed winner at Romsey & DCS, and also made it into the cards at Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland. I was invited to judge the Puppy Stakes class at Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriver Club Championship Show which tied in nicely with my return home from Scotland!

December - Christmas shopping took over and we didn't attend any shows.

Highlights for 2014

2014 was to be Sylvie’s year.

January – Demi was 3rd in Mid Limit bitch at Manchester. Sylvie had come to live permanently with us.

February – Sylvie was placed 5th at her first Championship Show, was Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed also winning the Puppy Group at Kent County Open Show.

March – I decided to leave all the dogs at home at have fun at Crufts with my friends – a lovely day it was too. Sylvie won her Minor Puppy class at South Western GRC Championship Show as well as 3 more placings. Bliss won the Special Working class at the same show and Sylvie was Best Gundog Puppy in Group at Tunbridge Wells Open Show.

April – Sylvie, Demi and I went to Ireland to attend the Ulster GRC Championship Show – two days in a B&B with two dogs – yippee! However Sylvie made it all worth while by winning four classes and Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Demi was third in her class. Sylvie won Minor Puppy Bitch at WELKS. Edyta brought Mojo from Poland to meet up with Bliss.

May – Sylvie won Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed at Coventry – taking the final points for her Junior Warrant and Stud Book Number at only 10 months. Bliss was confirmed pregnant.

June – We went to Blackpool – well the show anyway! Sylvie was 5th in a big class of puppies. Demi went too – but I hadn’t entered her so she just had an “away day”.

July – Bliss’s puppies arrived on the 3rd July and so we stayed home. Our only trip out was to The Golden Retriever Club Championship Show where Sylvie won her last Puppy class and was Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

August – still busy with the puppies and now unable to drive, we only went to Bournemouth Championship Show where Sylvie won her first Junior class. Thereafter she did not return to the ring until 2015.

September – A month off and a much needed holiday. Puppies all settled in to their new homes and a house sitter ready to cope with two naughty puppies – Alice and Summer.

October - After several years of suffering with a bad back, the pain became intolerable and by early summer it was clear something needed to be done. One final spinal epidural failed to work and the decision was taken to go under the knife. I was admitted to The Harbour Hospital in Poole on the 8th October. 5 days later I was back home for a slow but steady recovery. Many thanks must go to husband John and good friend Lesley who coped with walking my dogs while I mended.

November and December – rehab! But thank goodness it worked and I was finally looking forward to a pain free existence.

Highlights for 2013

2013 was Bliss’s year.

January - She started with a Best of Breed and Gundog Group 4 at Coventry LKA, not to be outdone by Pippa who also won 3 classes, Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 4. Bliss had two 2nds at championship shows and also passed her Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze Award.

February – Bliss won Best of Breed under Susan Wharfe at Mid Western Gundog Club while Pippa continued her winnings as well, completing her puppy career on the 3rd February.

March – Bliss gained the last points needed for her Show Certificate of Merit. Flynn was shortlisted to the last 8 in Graduate and Bliss was placed 4th in her Special Working class at Crufts. Pippa completed her Junior Warrant with three wins under John Connor at Chertsey & DCS open show. The following day both Bliss and Flynn were placed 2nd in their respective classes at Scottish Breeds championship show.

April – Flynn won Yearling Dog at WELKS while Pippa won another 3 classes under Mike Masters at Banbury & DCA open show.

May – Flynn was placed 2nd in his Yearling Dog class at Bath championship show under Frank Kane.

June – With Flynn, Bliss and Demi all out of coat only Pippa went to the shows where she continued to gain good placings.

July – Highlight of July had to be the two championship shows held in conjunction with the Golden Retriever Club’s centenary celebrations. Held at the Bathurst Estate at Cirencester, the weather was beautiful and both Demi and Bliss were placed in their classes.

August – Bournemouth championship show saw Heidi win the Veteran Bitch class and Bliss win Limit and take her first Challenge Certificate under Gloria Gargen. An unforgettable day. At National Gundog championship show Heidi was 3rd in Veteran and Bliss again won her class.

Bliss winning the BCC at Bournemouth
Bournemouth Championship Dog Show

September – although September was successful as far as showing was concerned, with Bliss either 1st or 2nd at most of her shows, we also received the devastating news that Heidi had Acute Lymphoid Leukemia. After much soul searching we decided not to treat but to support as best we could. Heidi had 9 happy weeks where she ate every meal and walked every day. She did not know she was ill.

October – back at Gurston Down the dogs worked well, but a change of personnel made life very difficult. This was to be our last month on the Shoot after 9 happy years – it was hard to let go.

November – Under Hilary Male at Gundog Breeds of Scotland Bliss again won her class. On the 23rd November we had to say goodbye to Heidi after a catastrophic nosebleed left us with no choice. The girls were home and able to say goodbye as well.

December – Bliss was placed 2nd under Per Iverson at LKA. I think we all decided that 2013 was not the happiest of years, but the support of family and friends made it bearable - just.

Highlights for 2012

2012 was a very busy year in the Carolake household. We had plenty of success in the show ring and all the dogs had a wonderful year.

January – Flynn started the year off by winning Minor Puppy at Coventry LKS. He also won Best Puppy in Breed at Southampton & DCA open show and Demi won a lovely Limit bitch class at Boston championship show.

February – Heidi produced a wonderful litter of 11 – 7 girls and 4 boys – to Rumour (Messano Urban Myth). From this litter Pippa (Carolake Party Games) stayed home with her mum. Flynn had another Best Puppy in Breed award at Mid Western Gundog Society.

Penny and Bliss competing at Crufts 2012    Bliss winning 1st Graduate Bitch at Crufts 2012

March – The major thrill of March was Bliss winning her Graduate class at Crufts. Showing otherwise was put to one side as we reared the puppies.

April – Bliss had two Best of Breeds – one at Windsor Gundog Society and one at South Western Gundog Club.

May – Flynn and Bliss did the double at South of England Gundog Club by winning Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Breed. Flynn also qualified for Crufts with his placings at GRC of Northumbria championship show.

Bliss jumping for a treat
Windsor Championship Dog Show

June – Once again Flynn and Bliss were declared Best Puppy Dog in Show and Best Opposite Sex in Show at Midland GRC open show. Bliss was also Best of Breed and won the Gundog Group at Taunton & DCA open show. On the 29th June Bliss won her first Reserve Challenge Certificate at Windsor championship show.

Penny and Mojo   Penny and Mojo

July – Mojo came to stay for a holiday after being attacked by three dogs. Battered and bruised he regained his confidence as a pack dog after spending time with his loving family, including his mother Fancy and sister Tumble. He very much enjoyed his time in the UK, took part in the Parade of Champions at GRC championship show and was placed 6th in a strong Open Dog class. We were sad to see him return home to Edyta….

August – Pippa made her debut into the ring with a huge thunderclap at Paignton – she stood her ground and continued showing but sadly was not rewarded for her stoic performance. The following week at URC championship show she qualified for Crufts. She also won her class at Scottish Kennel Club championship show. Also during August Flynn completed his Junior Warrant in style by winning his class at Welsh Kennel Club championship show.

September – John and Penny grab a 10 day holiday and then the shooting season starts again so showing takes a back seat. Demi won Best of Breed at Ashford, Faversham & DCS open show.

October – Pippa wins her class at South Wales Kennel Club and Gundog Society of Wales championship shows as well as Best Puppy in Breed at Gravesend & Medway Towns CS open show together with Gundog Puppy Group 3.

November – Back in coat again Bliss wins her class at Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC championship show and Pippa wins the Minor Puppy bitch class at the same show. Pippa wins Best Puppy in Breed at South of England Gundog Club open show.

December – At Coventry & District Gundog Society open show Bliss wins Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show and Pippa wins another Best Puppy in Breed. However highlight of the month has to be Bliss gaining her Show Gundog Working Certificate in less than ideal conditions.

Highlights for 2011

Overall 2011 was a quiet year – but we still managed quite a few landmarks during the year……

January – Bliss won Best of Breed under Ms Liz Fisher at Taunton Open Show and Bella won Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 3 under John Connor and Jim Richardson at Southampton Open Show.

February – Bella again won Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 3 under Fiona and Ben Thurm at Worthing Open Show. Demi won her graduate class at GRC of Wales Championship Show under Liz Keene.

March saw Demi take Best of Breed and Bella Best Puppy In Breed with Group 2 for Demi and Puppy Group 1 for Bella at Swindon Open Show under Paula Hill and Stella Oliver. Demi also gained a 4th at Crufts under Henric Fryckstrand.

April – another Best of Breed for Demi under Teresa Ewart at Romsey Open Show.

May – this time Bella took Best of Breed and Gundog Group 2 under Susan Hailstone and Karen Richardson at Witney Open Show.

June – abroad now – in Poland Mojo won Junior Dog under Julie Seamons, giving him enough points for his Polish Junior title. On the 14th June Bliss produced her first litter of 9 puppies – 6 girls and 3 boys.

July – appears we had a month off to raise puppies!

August – Demi again won her graduate class under Jim Richardson at Bournemouth Championship Show.

September – Best of Breed for Bella at Isle of Wight Open Show under J Morrissey and a Best of Breed for Demi at Windsor Gundog Show under Judy Gregory.

October - Bella qualified for Crufts under Janet Crang at Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show.

November – Reserve Best of Breed for Demi at Romsey Open Show, this time under Pauline Leonard.

December – Back to Poland where Mojo took his full title – now Polish Champion Carolake Make Believe. At his first show Flynn (Carolake On Your Marks) won a puppy class of 10 under Paul Brodie at Guildford Open Show and went on to be awarded Reserve Best Puppy in Show under Christine Chapman.

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